Freaks are they people? Helping Science
February 28, 2009

Ask yourself this questions for me, how do you treat people that are abnormal? What is the first thing you think of when you see a crippled person or a mentally challenged person? Well I hope that you are considerate of them. This article is my most interesting article yet, it is about paranormal things you regularly don't see on your way to the store or trip you take to go over your friends house. One strange thing that was noticed was a goat born in 1940 without front legs that learned to walk up straight or Faith the two legged dog. Faith is one of the links at the bottom. Another well seen event that occured was the discovery of a conjoined pair of twins that each control one half of their body and can do normal things like swim or play cards. Scientist like Mark Blumberg study to this day what causes these developments. Whether it is nature or nurture meaning the progressive factor to change yourself or nurture meaning the development of something, he doesn't know. No one knows which set of genes determine this but scientists are steadily working on it.

For example two-headed animals, in one case a genetic mutation may cause a cat to be born with two heads. "In another, a lizard ends up with two heads because its mother laid her eggs in a compost heap that was too warm; the defect was caused by an incubation temperature that was too high." Similarly, a human may end up with an extra set of hands because of a mutation, but the same defect in a frog can be caused by a parasite.
"Consider the fact that mammals, including humans, possess distinct chromosomes -- the X and Y -- for generating males and females, whereas many species -- including alligators and turtles -- possess no such chromosomes. In such species, it is the temperature at which the eggs are incubated that determines the sex of the animal." People are astonished by differentchies in people that don't seem normal; in England deformed babies of a couple were put on display for money. So right now it is hard to determine causes for human defects. What do you think? Please Respond

Cameron Campbell
March 10, 2009

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