National Geographic
December 12, 2006

Animals are beginning to play an essential role in the solving of crimes, and they don't even realize it! When it comes to investigating crimes, it is common knowledge that DNA is the number one source in finding the true offender. In the case of this article, a man who would have ended up walking free is now sentenced to life in prison, and all because he stepped in dog poop on that property. The investigators ran tests on the dog's DNA and matched it to the excrement on his tennis shoes; this shattered his testimony that he never "left the car". This breakthrough in genetic technology is going to dramatically assist investigators in their work and will allow fewer criminals to get away with their crimes by testing either the victim or the offenders pets. The only drawback is that pets cannot be a verbal witness to the crime committed, but their mere presence in the situation or scene of the crime is undoubtedly better. This application of genetics affects all people because everyone desires to live in a safe environment.

Chelsey Sweeney
February 27, 2009