Are Scientists Playing God?
November 20, 2007

This article talks about the subject of cloning. The question arises: Are we taking the role of God away? American and European researchers have made most of the progress so far in biotechnology. In some countries stem cell research and genetic engineering is immoral. Men try to justify it by excusing it for things like reincarnation. Others find that there is nothing wrong with the practice at all.
Western scientists have been going to Asia. There are fewer restrictions and researchers are offered newer labs. Most of Asia accepts either cloned embryonic stem-cell research or genetically modified crops. There is not as much spiritual taboo if someone practices genetics in Asia. Christians seem to have the most confusing response to this subject. Post-Christians have a different view of the bible in general. They have replaced God with the goddess Mother Nature.
Congress passed a bill banning Americans from going for stem-cell treatments, but it didn’t pass the Senate. The idea of cloning children is still distant. Scientists currently are not supportive of cloning because of the risks to the child.

Amber Jackson
February 26, 2009