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March 8

In the past few years scientists have tried to change baby genetics to create the perfect athelte.
Many parents have paid good money for their child to have such abilities. With over 20,000 strands of DNA scientists only
have to look for one, ACTN3.

With such ability scientists believe some parents might abuse this ability and there will be more pressure on the research.
Having this knowledge sports will have to make new rules if it gets out of hand.Some parents are worried that there child might
not be able to perform in there desired sport.

So it comes down to the simple question: Is it worth it?? Having a child the is geneticly enhanced might cause conflict with other parents and coaches.
Many coaches will think twice before acctepting such athletes. But if it were me I think it would be quite interesting to see how
far scientists can go with this maybe to the point where we have "SUPER ATHLETES"(not talking about Gavin Toma).

Casey Labiano