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Reproductive technologies and genetics are becoming more and more probable.Parents will be able to choose good traits and not choose bad traits when designing the baby of their dreams.Also, there are genetic tests that tell parents what sport their child was born to play or whether they have the gene for music.However, the test only looks at one gene out of 25,000.Parents will have to decide whether they believe what the test says, or allow their children to play anyways.

The price for these tests is inexpensive at $149.00.Most people will be able to afford the test or be tempted to test their children.They will have to decide whether it is something that will help their raise their children or not.

Genetic testing is not a good idea.It leads people to make decisions on whether or not they want to have or abort the baby.God created the life.Parents should love whatever type of baby they have.

Adam Askew
March 13, 2009