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It is debated whether or not Bipolar disorder is susceptible through family genetics.Scientists have found that some chromosomes and genes are associated with this, passing down this disorder from one generation to the next. Although some instances of certain genes have been passed down, the chromosome containing Bipolar Disorder have not produced enough involvement of any specific gene to deem this a genetically passed disorder.

What is Bipolar Disorder, one might ask: Bipolar Disorder, also called BD (for short) and manic-depressive illness, refers to episodic and unpredictable mood swings. These significant changes in a person’s mood range from extreme elation, to severe depression. These symptoms are also accompanied by disturbances in thinking and behavior.
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There are two major forms of BD: Bipolar I, and Bipolar II. These different stages of BD are dependant of the presence or absence of the level of impairment caused by the significant episodes of mania.

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